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  • 作家相片David Chiu

關於David Chiu / About David Chiu

I'm David Chiu, a documentary filmmaker.

As a documentary filmmaker, I'm someone who can independently produce films. The process of shooting documentaries differs greatly from that of narrative films. Documentary production requires a deep understanding of a subject, long-term filming, and through the passage of time, it captures authentic and moving stories.

Due to the need for extensive filming, the documentary teams I work with are often small in scale, and each team member wears multiple hats. However, because of the small team size, communication is usually less complicated, and mutual understanding among team members is easily established.

I've worked as an executive producer and cinematographer in the news industry, which has cultivated my interest in social issues. The topics I cover are diverse, including Taiwan's indigenous peoples, rare diseases, arts, education, environment, renewable energy, human rights, and more. Anything that can contribute to society moving in a positive direction motivates me to capture it through my lens and craft compelling stories.

I've climbed mountains, ventured into glaciers, and walked through fields. I've endured various extreme filming conditions, yet the sweat on my face seems insignificant when capturing breathtaking scenery.

In 2022, the independent documentary "25 kg," which I produced with my team, was fortunate to receive the New Taipei Documentary Award and later received recognition at many international film festivals. This experience has fueled my passion for documentary filmmaking and deepened my love for this land.

我是David Chiu, 我是一位紀錄片工作者。






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