Fitu Rua

Documentary Filmmaking Company

An award-winning bilingual documentary filmmaking company based in Taiwan.
If you are looking for someone to help with filming in Taiwan or Asia, this is the right place for you!

David is based in Taiwan and specialized in International Film Project collaboration.

David is fluent in both English and Chinese and has experiences working with overseas production teams.

Since 2015, David had worked with teams from the US, France and Germany, as well as well known brands such as W Hotel, Panasonic and Microsoft and Starlux Airlines.

David specializes in outdoors film shooting projects.

No matter he's in the middle of a forest, or deep in an ancient ice cave, he can always find himself comfortable finishing hard tasks.

David has strong physical strength, which enables him to fit in any environment.


Documentary Filmmaking has always been a passion, and it has allowed David to travel, learn and make a living at the same time.

David has been working on producing documentaries since he moved back to Taiwan. David has worked on a variety of range of topics such as Science, History, Construction and Culture.

Not only did one of his latest work 【'uz'ureman。蓋房子】has won the 52th Golden Bell Award. in 2017, a remarkable documentary 【Particulate Matters 浮塵之島】also won the Asian Academy Creative Award,  best documentary in Taiwan

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