Collaborative Works

浮塵之島 Particulate Matters
Documentary / Jan 2019 / 48 mins
Line Producer / Cameraman / Aerial Videographer
Air Pollution is one of the most pressing issue of the 21st Century. According to research done by WHO, 7 million people died from air pollution related complications each year. For Taiwan, an island which is reliant on its high tech industries for economic growth, air pollution is a major concern for its people's health.  
空氣污染已經成為人類迫切需解決的生存問題。世界衛生組織報告,全球每年有七百萬人死於空氣污染。 台灣以科技之島自居,科技及經濟進步的同時,卻也造成空氣污染逐年增長,對於全台的居民健康造成嚴重危害。 

Mini Gallery

Short clips done by David and his friends! Enjoy!

2019 David Chiu   

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